“Positive, Patient, Helpful!”

“I am a conditionally-approved court interpreter studying for the state exam. In the past, even if I felt prepared for a test, my nerves always lowered my scores.  After my first tutoring session with Athena, I realized that it was the best decision I’d ever made regarding my career as an Interpreter.  Her intuition is amazing. She was able to immediately pinpoint my weaknesses and strengths and tried different learning methods when necessary. Athena is very positive, patient, helpful, encouraging, and has a natural teaching ability.  She helped me improve not only my interpreting skills but also my memory skills.  This time around, I felt confident and prepared and was able to keep my calm during the examination. I feel my investment and time with Athena was well-spent.”

Pamela Giacobbe

[Shortly after writing this testimonial, Pam received her results: She had passed to Journey and is now the Vicinage Coordinator of Interpreting Services in Camden, New Jersey.]

“They say that madness is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.

“In 2006 with very little preparation, I took the NJ State Interpreter Exam and failed abominably. I totally gave up the idea of ever retaking the exam until 2013, when I began to study in earnest to adequately prepare for and take the exam again.  I retested in May, 2013. The outcome was better than in 2006, but still, “no cigar.”  I had only passed one section of the exam and needed to retest for the other two. I KNEW if I was to retake the exam expecting to pass, then I would have CHANGE what I was doing.

“Athena and I met in January of 2014. She helped me see that it was NOT what I was studying that was the roadblock, but rather HOW I was studying. She helped me develop a strategic study plan specifically designed to take advantage of my strengths and build on my weaknesses.

“In May, 2014, I took and passed the remaining two sections.  Out of the three sections of the oral exam, my true “Achilles Heel” was the Sight Translation.  And yet to my surprise, (apart from the written exam), it was the section where I scored at the Master Level.  There was no doubt in my mind that scoring Master on the section that had caused me the the greatest angst was due to Athena’s guiding hand. Her practical approach on how to study for and prepare for the Oral Exam combined with her positive outlook (when mine was faltering) and wisdom beyond her years helped me to achieve my goal.  Thank you Athena!”

Liz Barreto

[Liz is now a NJ State Approved and PA Certified Journeyman Court Interpreter]

“Athena is an amazing teacher. She helped me go from conditional to journey.”

Jorge Puerto

[Jorge is now a full-time Master-level staff interpreter at Mercer County Superior Court in New Jersey.]